Tuesday, January 27, 2015

More Socks

I've got a couple of 'nopes' and one 'maybe' in this post. Let's see the 'nopes'.

There's nothing wrong with plain colored socks. On the list of possibilities are those aqua colored ones, although they have fine yellow stripes. The right color would be okay. This isn't the right color.

The other problem is that these socks are a heavy cotton and don't fit comfortably into the shoes. Burgundy and lemon were a "hot" combination a few years ago. That seems to be the story of my life. Ooooh, nice color combination, about 5 years after it was popular.

Another pair that don't make the cut for color and heft are these.

One should not upstage the bride when one is dressing to attend a wedding. I'm afraid that the color would draw attention to my feet at a time when the attention needs to be on Carole. It helps in the decision that these are way too heavy to fit into the shoes. I wear these when I'm working out in the field, particularly on cold days. I put them on and think, "I should try to find more like these, for work."

In the "maybe" category is this pair.

They don't look like much, just cardinals on green branches. But in the shoes, there was a distinctiveness that I rather liked.

They rank with the cat socks shown earlier. These would be comfortable and are just quirky enough to be me. So, I'm adding them to the pile with the aqua socks, the blue stripe socks and the cat socks. We're getting somewhere.

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