Thursday, January 29, 2015

Getting My Hopes Up

I came home on Tuesday to see footprints on the deck.

Well, that big one belongs to some humanoid but the small ones were quite intriguing. I knew they weren't rabbit tracks. There seemed to be an abundance of those in the back yard.

But rabbits don't go up onto my deck. These didn't seem like cat tracks because cats walk in a linear fashion. The back foot goes in the position of the front foot. They developed this way of walking to disguise themselves from prey. Watch a cat walk, sometime. You'll see what I mean.

But "Rosalind" had been seated on the deck in December holding one foot out.

If they are injured, it will throw off their gait, just as a leg injury will cause you to 'walk funny'. Could she have come back while I was gone?

Wanting to test this theory and knowing that Wednesday would be a reasonably nice day, I set out food as I left for the city.

The plastic table serves to keep snow from piling up in front of the entry to the house, although there would be a lot of sun rather than snow, accumulation.

When I got home Wednesday night, I checked the food.

It was not touched. I'm thinking the prints were from squirrels who will come up onto the deck.

Wherever she is, I hope she's warm, dry and happy. I'm still not pulling the house until probably the end of April, when I start to consider restaining the deck and how many pots of flowers I'm going to put out this year.

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