Friday, January 23, 2015

Weeding the Socks

I'm progressing through the drawer. My feet and ankles have been swollen the past couple of days. It's something I need to consider when deciding on the socks for the wedding.

It doesn't look like it today, but when you add the shoes, my feet were uncomfortable.

As much as I like these socks, this is a boring combination.

Yesterday's socks complimented the shoes quite well.

I have had these socks for a very long time. This might be my oldest pair.

The problem is, they are a heavier fabric than others of this style. While the design would go quite well with a marriage, my feet felt pinched in the shoes. I could, I suppose, visit Target to check out their Valentine sock offerings. But I don't need socks, thanks to the Christmas haul, so that's a waste of money.

Wednesday's socks have some promise.

Cat socks. I have this design in a black or a blue background.

I kind of like this combo. This pair, the aqua pair and the blue stripe are in the "possibility" pile now.

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