Friday, January 23, 2015

Like I Needed More M&M's

The count on top of the fridge stands at 8 separate bags of M&Ms. I also got a bag of what I thought was M&Ms from Kevin and Megan in Canada, only to find out they are Smarties.

I've taken them to work for boosting my morale during the day. After I have my lunch with it's fruit and sandwich or leftovers or soup, I have some chocolate. These have helped as I slog through more reports and process more data.

I had to go to CVS to get my monthly supply of RA meds and passed through the Valentine chocolate aisle. Now, with the sheer amount of M&Ms I have on the fridge, there is no need to contemplate the pink and red bags of pink, red and white candies. But then, a different colored bag caught my eye. Oh dear.

This is the only time these are available. CVS only had 2 bags and both came home with me.

No, I don't need more M&Ms, but it's the cherry ones. They are my all-time favorite. I will put them at the absolute bottom of the stack. That means, I should have them through October, just in time for the Halloween colored ones. If I'm really careful, I can stretch what I have into December of this year, just in time for Christmas presents. Maybe I should get another bag...

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