Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Argyle and Stripes and Ornaments, Oh My!

Why limit my sock choices for the wedding to what I was given at Christmas? As you know, I love loud socks and have accumulated quite a drawer full. I was asked how I choose which socks I wear. It's a highly technical process. I open the drawer, reach into the bottom, feel around and pull out the first pair I snag. Today, that was a pair of heavy-weight socks my sister gave me years ago. I didn't feel like wearing those so they went back into the drawer and I realized I needed to wear one of the pairs Carole and Larry gave me for Christmas.

Herewith is today's pair. I love the funky design. They aren't the pair I'm going to wear to the wedding, however.

It's not that they aren't wild enough, it's that the combo didn't scream at me as "the one". I've had some good contenders, lately, for the role of "socks at the wedding". This combo has potential.

I got these last year, from April and Perry. I love the bright aqua.

They are knee highs but the sock top is a bit too tight to go over my calf so I fold them down. These are a 'go to' choice when I have to be out in the field. By folding the top down, I create a seal, with my boots, that keeps snow out of the boots and off my feet. Plus, the fabric of the socks wicks away moisture so if I spend the whole day in my boots, which I do when it's snowing and I'm at work, my feet are warm and comfortable. And you can't beat aqua, just can't.

I wore this pair over the weekend.

Carole gave me these several years ago. Argyle has such memories for me. It was a huge fashion statement when I was in the middle school years and I had socks and skirts and shirts and sweaters with argyle patterns. You can do so much loud with argyle, that I'm kind of drawn to it if I need new clothes.

It's fun and funky with my shoes, but didn't scream "ME". Then, I wore these on Monday.

I think this is another pair April and Perry gave me.

Right now, I'm leaning towards this combo. the socks are so comfortable. A Facebook friend posted to my feed a photo of the Wicked Witch of the Wests' feet with the shoes after Dorothy landed in Oz.

I did say I felt like Dorothy with my sparkly, burgundy shoes. Perhaps that's why I'm liking the blue stripe with the shoes. I don't own a pair of black and white socks like these. If I did, it might be no contest in the "what socks do I wear to the wedding".

The dress should be here very, very soon. Then, I'll be able to gauge better, which socks will make a statement.

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