Sunday, January 11, 2015

Kind Of A Long Time

Yesterday, I "celebrated" my work anniversary. I was hired in 2000, so it's easy to figure out, for a math challenged person like me, how long I've been at this company. Of course I would bring in doughnuts.

In these 15 years, I've watched our equipment go from machines you had to service weekly to equipment we put in the field and it's remotely operated. There is more data processing on our end now, as the equipment calls in daily, but the days of being gone all day because you're servicing equipment are gone.

We were the first office to be hooked into the company and the first to have company email addresses. It seems sort of laughable that, 15 years ago, this kind of thing wasn't ubiquitous. Heck, I can get my office email on my phone. Unthinkable back then. We thought we were cool to be allowed an extra cell phone that we had to share. Watch movies on it? You're nuts. (You're still nuts if you watch movies on a screen that's 3 by 6, but that's just me.)

So, here's to another 15 years? Maybe not. Sticking for a long time with one company isn't the norm anymore, but I've enjoyed the ride and I'm ready for more, even when the weather is -30 and the snow is knee high and blowing.

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  1. Congrats on 15 years!
    I also remember the "birth" of the internet ;)
    So...15 years and 12 doughnuts?
    Nancy and the kitties