Sunday, January 18, 2015

File These Under "Nope"

I am whittling the sock options down. Last Thursday, these were the socks of the day.

Fun and fanciful, they didn't work so well in the shoes.

They were really "ho-hum", when it got right down to it.

On Friday, I wore my favorite pair.

I have always liked these for being warm and comfortable. But, here again, in the shoes, it was underwhelming.

Saturday, I pulled these out of the drawer.

I have had these for years. The tops are a bit frayed but they have worn so very well. In the shoes, well, I was not impressed.

I'm looking for loud, not weird.

Today's socks come from a time when Carole lived in the Seattle area.

I wasn't sure, when I pulled them out of the drawer, that white is the predominant color I want under my dark dress.

Nope, it's not.

I'm still leaning towards the blue striped socks, but there are a whole lot more to wade through.

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