Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Beauty of Winter

I've said many times that there is beauty all around at any time of the year if you just look for it. We watched as the northeast US was pummeled with snow, but some remarkably beautiful photos have come out of that.

On Wednesday, I had to be in the city to do more inspections. If you were out of the stiff southerly breeze, it was rather warm. The downtown of Chicago just gleamed in the morning sunshine.

Other than there being no leaves on the bushes and weeds, it could be any season. I love these clear days.

Close by this particular site, was another building I had to inspect. Outside the building were these bushes. I'm inspecting the retaining wall behind them, but, as I was working from south to north along the wall, I was struck by the color and texture of the trunks themselves.

I have no idea what kind of bush these are. I'm thinking they might have been chosen specifically for their distinctive look when winter claims their leaves.

Isn't this cool? I was here back in September and never noticed the trunks. The juxtaposition of the trunks in front of the gray of the concrete wall, combined with the blue of winter shadows is visually arresting to me. Kind of makes me want to drag out my pastels or my colored pencils to try to replicate.

As tired as I can get while working some jobs, when I get to see things like this, it makes all the tired go away.

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