Tuesday, January 20, 2015

I'm Going to a Wedding

The dress came yesterday. I knew it was on its way. The shop where we all got our dresses called me last week to let me know it was in and to arrange shipping. I decided to send it to the office when informed the parcel would come FedEx and there needed to be a signature in order to receive it. Sometimes, I see FedEx trucks in the evening but I'm pretty sure they deliver, like UPS, during the day. The FedEx driver was quite surprised when I hugged him after he handed me the box. I was excited. What can I say?

Tara wanted to see the dress and, let's face it, so did I, so I put it on at the office. The one I had tried on at the store was black lace over a dark blue. I got black lace over a dark wine color. It's a two-piece, top and skirt. You can sort of see the colors in the top. I'm sure it will look better when it's at a wedding and not in the hallway outside the bathroom.

I took it home and put on the skirt with the shoes.

Uh oh. They match. The burgundy shoes are perfect with the dress. I'm also kind of liking the socks I had on.

They kind of resemble the lace overlay. Today's socks don't really do anything for me.

I love them; they are the companion socks to the aqua ones I wore before; but I'm not feeling this is the right pair.

I still have quite a few more to go through before the choice is made. I don't need another pair, but if I could find black and white striped socks, like the wicked witch's, I think I'd have a winner.

The top of the dress is sheer. I won't be wearing a necklace. I had given thought to a bracelet, as I have a red beaded one, but, now that the dress is here, I don't think a bracelet is necessary. I have the right earrings, too. I should clip them to the dress bag so I don't forget them and then have to spend time wandering stores looking for just the right pair, which is sitting at home in the earring case.

So, I'm ready. What an incredible load off my mind that is. My biggest worry now is finding the right socks to wear under the skirt. We're having a wedding in March!

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1 comment:

  1. Love the dress(OK 2 piece)
    Love the lacy socks. You have the neatest sock collection !
    My socks are SO boring, I buy in bulk :/
    After seeing you model socks, I may have to change that ;)
    Happy sock hunting.
    Nancy and the kitties