Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The Things I Save

In the ongoing slow process of decluttering, I found these.

These are "bunny suits" or, as they are more properly known, "Clean Room Suits". The blue one I had to wear then I went into the surgical area of a hospital where we had a seismograph, to download said machine way back before we had reliable remotes. The white one I wore when I had to download a machine in an animal testing facility. According to the Internet, the moniker "bunny suit" was applied because, once you have all the accouterments on, you resemble a rabbit.

When I pulled the machines from these locations, I was allowed to keep the suit. The hat, gloves, mask and booties which went with these in order to access the clean room area, had to be chucked but I could keep these since people knew I wasn't coming back. They sat on a shelf in my old office for years; mementos of a couple of very interesting jobs, but jobs I don't want to have to do again. We haven't had a need for instrumentation to be in clean room areas since, thank goodness.

I kept these because I always thought I'd use them for Halloween costumes. In reality, they simply took up space. I brought them home last year, when we moved and stuck them on a shelf. When I cleaned that shelf, looking for something else, naturally, there they were. I added them to a give away bag. There wasn't much angst in parting with these. I knew I wasn't ever going to use them. Sometimes the cleaning kind of does itself.

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