Wednesday, January 11, 2017


While I'm on a cat theme here, I should show you what my niece gave me for Christmas in 2015. I didn't make it back to Iowa so the box sat at my mom's for several months. It was a bit too big to ship.

Well, UPS probably would have salivated at shipping it. It wasn't very heavy, but can't burden mom with schlepping this all over to find a store and then paying through the nose for shipping. I went back for mom's birthday, the first weekend of April last year, and picked up the box. My niece, Christina, was at the University of Iowa hospitals with secondary problems caused by falling and breaking her left leg while pregnant. We grabbed the box and headed to the hospital to see her.

Side note: U of Iowa Hospital's cafeteria was amazing.

Hospital food is always the butt of jokes, but I could not believe a) the selection and b) the quality. The salad bar was huge. I think that's cheese topped crispy fish to the left there. I don't remember. I do remember thinking I should be glad I didn't work there because this is where I would eat all the time. Forget packing anything when I can get salads this good.

Anyway, in Christina's hospital room, I opened the box because she was so excited to see me open it.

It was a lap blanket. It was rolled pretty tightly into the box and mom had to grab the other end so I could pull it out.

Dawwwwww. It's rather big for just a lap blanket. It's probably more twin bed size. I put it on my bed in the summer in lieu of other blankets and it was the perfect warmth for those occasional cool nights when the windows are still open. Plus, the cats love it. It's incredibly soft. Ironically, it's sort of Hamlet-ish, long before Hamlet came into my life.

When I've had this in the living room, I instantly get two cats. It's time to change the blanket on the back of the recliner. Wonder if it will make a good three cat trap. We'll find out.

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