Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Could I Sustain This Idea?

My news feed contains the weird and the wacky, the curious and the odd, the informational and the intriguing. An article came through from a website called Atlas Obscura. It was about notebooks.

To summarize, (I should note, if you follow the link, this is the image on the page.) people, from the time of writing, kept notebooks. Within these pages, all manner of ephemera was detailed; from the comings and goings of ships, to  quotes found in books, to ideas, to mementos of events attended. Each of these is a record of a person's day; a person's life. Scholars look back on these books with great zeal because they help flesh out life in a long forgotten time. In combining these notebooks with official documents, a more complete portrait of an era can be created.

The author likened these notebooks to our collective obsession with chronicling our lives on Facebook, Snapchat, Pinterest and blogging. The minutiae of life we post with enthusiasm. I get the feeling these books weren't for public consumption, but rather to be referred back to when the authors had one of those, "Now what was I thinking? What was that idea?" moments. That happens so much more than we'd like to admit.

I like buying journals. I had, at one point, an affinity for writing things down and I have a drawer containing 3-4 empty journals, just waiting for me to crack their pages. I have this blog which could be the digital form of the zibaldone mentioned in the article. It's got me to thinking. I bought some colored gel pens because I like writing letters in different colors other than black or blue. What if I turned that like onto the pages of a journal? Would I keep it up or is this another idea to be dumped into the heap of ideas which never see fruition? Maintaining my blog could be enough for me, but I do love scribbling on paper. I'll have to think on this, but the whole concept is fascinating.

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