Thursday, January 19, 2017

No Way

In the post below this, I mentioned having to go to JoAnn Fabrics and coming away with more than I expected. That "discretionary", "spontaneous" spending will get your budget in the $$. And yet, some things are very hard to resist.

I had to walk past the Halloween decorations to get to the cutting table. I passed by this aisle and these decorations caught my eye.

There was a whole section of skeletons of you name it. These are mice with an owl at the far right and small human skeletons at the upper right corner.

This one is hard to see because it was black against a dark purplish black background.

It's a cat skeleton in the arched back position. This got to me and I had to leave the area. I guess because I adore my cats and have been owned by a number of cats, it struck me as creepy to see this. Someone else, even a fellow cat lover, might not have such a visceral reaction. The object is black, Deb, it's not real. It's anatomically correct, to be sure, but it needs to be, to be effective as an object. It's okay.

One of the things which bothered me, in hindsight, is there were no dog skeletons. There was a small triceratops skeleton, at $49.99, but no dogs. I guess it's a cats solitary nature which evokes the strange. Plus, they hiss and spit when agitated and that's clearly perfect for Halloween. Here's a great article on how the solitary nature of cats adapted to humans. We didn't domesticate them. They agreed to live with us.

This is not something I would ever have in my possessions, but a cat lover friend does have one. She puts a hat and a bow on it. Halloween is closing in on Christmas for most decorated holiday. I just need to remember not to go down this aisle next year.

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