Thursday, January 19, 2017

Can't Go Alone

I had to go to JoAnn Fabrics in early October for some craft thing. I don't remember why I had them on my errand list. It's dangerous for me to walk in there. It ranks with bookstores as places I shouldn't go unaccompanied because the allure of things other than what I came for is so strong.

Of course I came out with more than I went in.

It was Halloween and so much was on sale. I bought the superhero pattern because I have this great idea, assuming I have the time to pull it off. At least I have the pattern. As I walked through the store, the cat print caught my eye. I had to have it. Yes, yes, I know. I have 6 boxes in the office closet which contain fabric. Couldn't I use those if I wanted to sew? cats!

It took awhile to find just the right pattern to utilize the fabric. I've settled on a kimono-style jacket. It will be trimmed with black satin. It should go together fairly quickly.

Step one was to clear off the kitchen table and get the cutting board out of the closet. When I pulled out the board, which is little more than heavy cardboard, I noticed a stinkbug. It was a nice day, so I took the board outside to flick the bug into the yard. I opened up the board and, oh lordy.

There are 6 bugs plus a spider egg nest. Ultimately, I flicked a dozen bugs into the back yard. Since fixing the humidifier and fan on the furnace, I've had stink bugs all over the living room. I've sort of come to accept they are in the walls and crevices of the house. I'm always going to find them. The best I can do is flush 'em when I see them. The cats play with them on occasion, but they have learned, very quickly, these things are not for snacks.

I haven't sewn much around these cats, but I remember the previous ones.

Tissue paper patterns were "the cat's meow". You could almost see them salivating about jumping onto the pattern and playing. These kids aren't that interested in the pattern paper. I'm very okay with that.

Usually, I wash a fabric hunk before cutting, to remove any sizing and make the fabric shrink, if it's going to. But I wanted to cut this out right away so I skipped that step. This is so awesome. I just love the pattern of the cats.

I opened the back door to let in the sunshine and the warm October breeze and started cutting. I've said before, if I could get someone to do this step; pin and cut out; I'd probably go through all my fabric in those boxes. It would all be used. I really dislike this stage.

And this is as far as I've gotten. October got really busy and I wound up tabling this project. It sits on top of the sewing box on the kitchen table. It's been surrounded by boxes for recycling and mailing. I'm working on my current cross-stitch project, which I need to post here so you can see that progress. This is typical Sagittarius. Our lives are filled with started projects. When we actually get something done, we are as amazed as our friends and family are. Must clean off kitchen table.

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  1. It's been a while and ,seeing that pretty fabric, had to drop in :)
    I'm sure the jacket will look great when it's done.
    I am a Capricorn and also have plenty of unfinished "treasures" .
    Oh well. New year,new chances to do things or finish things ;)
    As of Jan 19, I have not done anything :)
    Nancy and the kitties