Sunday, April 26, 2015

There Was a Wedding - Part 7 - Let's Walk a Bit

Wedding photography can be a dicey proposition. You're at the mercy of someone who can be the ultimate bridezilla, the fickle weather, poor lighting, a venue that is anything but photogenic or a combination of this. My daughter's not a bridezilla and the weather was perfect. Being able to shoot photos outside brought out the happiness in everyone.

In addition to the gazebo, there is a path that leads to a small bridge over a creek. When we drove in, I wondered if there would be photos taken down by the creek. As this is a country club with a golf course attached, the path is wide and stable enough for carts which made a stroll down the hill easy.

The photos taken down here are among my favorites of the two of them. You could be forgiven for thinking the background is a painted canvas. The wind had died down at this point, although the temperature was still warm.

God smiled on them this day and gave them a day to get the kind of pictures that capture their happiness.

I like these two photos.

There is a series of photos, beginning with this one, where Carole walks across the bridge past Larry.

The fast speed of a digital camera means I could get all of the series in a small format and put them together as a flip book. Then, you can page through the book and watch Carole walk across the bridge. It is a neat idea.

Of all the photos of them, this one is, hands down, my favorite.

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  1. Those pics are amazing.
    Beautiful, as is the couple.
    I wish them much happiness and a joyous life.
    Nancy and the kitties.

    After commenting on the last post, I refreshed my browser and saw this post :)