Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Things I See 2

I was in the city again today for a job.

There is a north breeze, but if you are out of that breeze and in the sunshine, it's warm. I doffed my jacket and ran around in shirt sleeves while I was outside. It was glorious.

I keep hearing Ernie Hudson in "Ghostbusters", at the end, after they have dispatched the Stay-Puf Marshmallow Man, clap his hands together and shout, "I love this town!"

There is public art at the corner where I was working; Taylor Street and Des Plaines Avenue.

There is one on each side of Des Plaines at the intersection.

It's not surprising that Chicago has public art. If you go to the Mayor's Office online, there is a large .pdf book you can print that details most of the public art in the city; who did it, what it represents and a brief history of the piece. In the Bronzeville neighborhood, there are over two dozen benches, each one designed by a different artist. Chicago takes its public art seriously.

But I couldn't, for the life of me, find anything that told me what these installations were. They are red painted steel beams. I would imagine its an homage to Chicago as an industrial powerhouse of the last century. They are nicely maintained and, as you can see, are very striking against a clear Midwestern April morning.

Finally, we're going to plop this into the "Things I See While Working" file.

This is a Sammy Sosa bobblehead doll next to an unopened can of Campbell's Chicken and Stars soup. I haven't a clue about the why. I probably could make up a real whopper of a story. The items look like they were recently placed here. I was standing with a civil engineer, talking about the project to the west of this light pole and he just shrugged. We left them.

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