Sunday, April 12, 2015

No Barry White

In the madness which was the past month, stuff at the office just got piled. I know that feeling as my house is in need of a serious cleaning. It's spring, right, so spring cleaning is something I really want to do. Anyway, we finally had a day to consolidate and clean and we discovered a mess of sandbags.

What makes this funny is that, at the beginning of March, Tara and Mike had a sandbags and no one else did. Suddenly, at the beginning of April, we have 6 in this pile. So, are sandbags like plastic hangers in that you buy a package of 5 and have 20 in 2 months? I swear we don't play Barry White or any romantic music. Do they reproduce asexually? If not, which color is female and which color is male?

In actuality, they were obtained at several job sites we were at. We needed a sandbag for our equipment and the client said, "Take it" when the job was done. Still, the idea of sandbags mating while our backs are turned provides a chuckle.

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