Friday, April 24, 2015

There Was a Wedding - Part 4 - Can Someone Button Me Up?

If you have never been back stage, you do not have a clue what goes into the creation of the vision of loveliness that represents a bride on her wedding day. Even if there is a cummerbund and cravat involved in the pants wearing person's outfit, it's nothing compared to the dress wearer.

The bride's room was just a bit cramped for us. Carole, of course, took center stage. Andrea, her matron of honor, and Sandy, her bridesmaid, took spots on either side of her. Mom, Donna and I were near the door. There was a large bathroom around the corner from us which came in really handy when we're trying to apply what little make-up we wear.

Carole waited to finish getting dressed until the photographer arrived. As she said when we did this a few years ago, "When you're a bride and you want photos of everything, you have to give up some dignity."

Double sided tape and a matron of honor who is a high school drama teacher. Andrea knew exactly where to put the tape and what to do to make this go here and that go there. My mom, Donna and I got dressed and just waited. The country club decided we could use something cool.

Those are mimosas on the dressing table. It made me sad. I love mimosas but the days of consuming those are gone. In the upper left corner, you can see the non-alcoholic one they made for me. That's, essentially, orange juice and ginger ale, or 7Up. Still, it was nice to drink something chilled while we waited to finish getting Carole ready for the event.

Mom enjoyed just sitting and watching, once she got dressed.

The biggest issue, aside from getting Carole dressed, was the corsages Donna and I had. They were huge ivory roses.

It didn't matter which side we pinned them on, the wedding coordinator said, so we chose the left side. The top of my dress, you can see, is lace. I had to pin the corsage up higher than usual because the weight caused the flower to pitch forward and it would have torn the lace over time, as well as not sitting nice. And the flowers were bound so tightly in the corsage, that to anchor Donna's to her jacket required 3 pins. I was so afraid I was going to stick her or that the pins would work out over the course of the evening. They didn't. I left my corsage in Carole's fridge, unfortunately, when I came home. I wanted to bring it home to dry. (Just a note: the photographer was fantastic. It's going to be really hard to whittle down all the photos he took to what I can afford.)

Speaking of flowers,

the attendants carried bouquets of white hydrangeas in light saber hilts. When I was out there in October, we went to a Halloween costume store and bought a light saber. They removed the telescoping colored end and the florist made the interior water tight. Ingenious.

Carole's bouquet also went in a light saber hilt, the large one at the bottom of the photo. She carried huge white roses, blue hydrangea and blue delphinium. Here's the bouquet at the house later.

Year's ago, I had a silk replica made of my bouquet. I think she should do something like that for this. It was beautiful.

Meanwhile, Larry is getting dressed.

The hardest part, for him, was the wait.

It's now 5 p.m. on Saturday, March 21st. We are dressed. We are lined up. The guests are seated. The DJ is waiting for his cue to start the music. Carole is out of sight, waiting. Let's have a wedding, shall we?

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