Saturday, April 18, 2015

Spring Has Arrived

It started with the crocus at the beginning of the month.

They weren't up and then, suddenly, they were up and blooming. It's been a gradual warm up with 70 degree days and then back into the 50's. It's like a spring I remember from years ago. It's way too dry, but things are blooming.

There's the dogwood in the neighbor's yard.

When the breeze kicks up a bit, it showers the ground with pink.

There's a couple tulips in the back.

I need to spend time clearing this out. Now that the mulberry that was back there is gone, I can get into the area and clear, at least, that's what I tell myself I'll do.

I washed some of the windows today.

I have a dozen windows around the house. I washed the insides of four of them. I'll do more in batches. I must remember to pace myself; decide which project I will tackle and break it into smaller steps; rest and move on to the next step.

While washing the windows, I saw this.

I'm going to need to pull this. It doesn't belong where it's at. But, the green shoots are another indication that spring is coming.

You can't really say geese in the parking lot at work is a harbinger of spring since geese tend to be around all year. But we usually don't see them at any time other than spring. They were around for only a day and have moved on. That's just fine.

Lastly, the windows are open.

There is a lovely light breeze. I don't really have to worry about Pilchard jumping off the deck. She goes out for a bit and then comes in when the outdoor noises spook her. Mija is not at all interested. She's curled up in the recliner. "Outside? Nope. Nope. Is it time for treats, mom?"

Ah spring. After such a cold February and a frosty March, we are ready. Now, if it would just rain.

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