Saturday, July 30, 2011

Bug Killer

On the 13th, I got a call from Just the Bookstore in downtown Glen Ellyn. I used to work there and I still do 90% of my book buying through them. The book I had ordered was in.

"What book? I don't remember ordering any book."

I forgot about the phone call until I was talking with Carole a week ago. We were going over her life and the next chapter of it. She mentioned that George R. R. Martin had released his latest book but she was going to wait to get it until they were all moved to Virginia.


I started laughing. I think we pre-ordered this book 2+ odd years ago when there was an announcement that it would be released "soon". Yes, that's the kind of service you get from an independent book seller. They kept my order on file and, as soon as the book came out, I got one. I picked it up today.

2.5 inches of prose. I could wipe out whole colonies of ants, at least a couple mice and maybe break a toe if I dropped this. 

No, it's not her Christmas present. Once she's settled in Virginia, I'll ship it. 

My purchase netted me a $10.00 gift certificate. I was sitting down after unpacking all the groceries and it hit me what I should get; book 3 in the Thursday Next series. I've been working through magazines this month. With August looking like it will be a continuation of July, hot and humid, a good book is a great idea. 

Now to place an order.

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