Saturday, July 30, 2011

In the Bag, Not

Grocery shopping today. It's not my favorite thing to do simply because most of what I eat isn't on "sale", per se. It's a cut-throat business and, around here, we're having a bit of a price war between Dominicks, Target, Wal-Mart and Jewel. Each one claims they have the lowest "overall" prices. This is good for one's bottom line but some things, like cereal, just keep going up due to increases in the price of raw materials or the weather destroying crops. It will be interesting to see in January, what staples like bread and cereal cost when a lot of land normally sown in winter wheat is under water.

I got everything on the list and a few things of the "oh yeah" variety. I needed brown paper bags into which I put used kitty litter. That, in turn, goes into a garbage bag. I find that there are almost no leak of loose litter in this fashion than when I was just scooping into a garbage bag.

I got home and started putting things away. Empty bag. Well, that goes on the floor. All cats like empty bags, right?

She checked it out. Mija took off down the hall and into the bedroom. She proceeded to peek around the corner and watch. She seems scared of the bag.

Mija won't go anywhere near a grocery bag and she's not even curious about them.  When I folded up the empty bags, she would take off running, even after I let her sniff them.

After giving it a good sniff, Pilchard went inside. She rather fills it up.

In the end, she opted to just lie ON the bag. In fact, she dragged a couple of toys onto the top to be with her.

It seems to be more fun to make the bag crinkle. I opened it back up and she smashed it again. She's not interested in going inside. We'll see how long she's enamored with this. 

Beverage:  Orange Juice



  1. Think I have comments posting finally. Yay!

    Did you try the cornstarch for the matted fur? Help any?