Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Gotta Love Friends, Even If You've Never Met Them

I'm in my office yesterday, sorting through a bunch of proposals that need writing. The boss comes into my office chuckling. He hands me a rather fat envelope from corporate that has my name on it.

"Renee sent you something," he said.

I'm not expecting anything and Renee is on vacation so I'm more than a bit surprised.

I'm feeling the contents of this envelope and I'll bet you could see the light bulb come on over my head.

"It's a candy bar!" I said, excitedly.

Indeed it was; a King Size Hershey's candy bar.

Now, it's been excessively hot. The candy bar would have been dropped Friday into the packet that comes weekly from corporate. We get it on Monday. It would have sat around in a postal facility over a warm-ish weekend and then transported in an unairconditioned postal van to our office. We just picked the packet up when we saw it on the front desk and dropped it on the boss's desk where he opened it Tuesday morning.

Yes, it had melted and solidified. But you know what, I. Don't. Care. It's chocolate. It's from Renee. It was totally unexpected. It made Tuesday so much brighter.

Now, I need to think of something to send her.

Beverage:  English Breakfast tea


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