Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Last of the Weddings

I don't remember where I either heard or read it, but I came across the comment that people could tell how old you are by where you stand in a card shop.

It starts when you're old enough to send your own cards. Those would be birthday, Mother's and Father's Day cards. Then, when you get into high school, you'll add wedding cards to that list. College continues the wedding cards and you start having the baby congratulations and the christening cards. About this time, there might be a small spate of sympathy cards as the elders of families pass away. Birthday cards become milestone cards and you start sending graduation cards to the children you have watched grow up. They start getting married and you are now adding wedding cards baby cards and the cycle continues.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I hadn't been to a wedding in years. This year, between May 21st and June 25th, I had three. It was quite the month. The last one, on June 25th, was for my co-worker and friend, Jon. His wedding to Deb was held at Villa Olivia Country Club and Banquet Facility.

It was a perfect day. Although overcast, the temperatures were in the upper 70's. There was a light breeze. It was a very small wedding, with around 50 people. Jon and Deb have known each other a couple of years.

I'd never been to Villa Olivia. I've driven by it dozens of times. I was very impressed with what they did for the wedding. The banquet hall, located adjacent to where the vows were exchanged, was decorated very nice.

They had a dance floor where people danced for a couple of hours before things wound down at 4. Although they didn't get started on time, the wedding flowed smoothly. The food was okay. I thought it was over sauced and my vegetables were overcooked. I had a very nice time.

So now it's back to my usual forgetting of birthdays. I thought if I wrote names on the calendar, I'd remember, but that didn't happen. Plus, to my chagrin, I had a friend's birthday on the wrong day. Thank goodness for Facebook. All these years, she's probably wondered why my card has been, roughly, two weeks late, that is, when I remember to send a card.

It's been wonderful to be a part of this major event for my daughter, my niece and my friend. Weddings are a headache and a half to plan and execute and things don't always go exactly how one hopes. In the end, what I hope they will remember is how many people cared to come and celebrate with them. I hope they look back on the day as one of the best in their lives.

Now to write the dates on the calendar so I can send anniversary cards.

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