Sunday, July 17, 2011

Cake for Brea...lun...supp...Oh Heck! Anytime!

I have not felt like cooking in any sort for a long time. This problem with my joints and then the sinus infection just sapped any desire to actually toss ingredients into a bowl and create something that wasn't reasonably immediate. Plus, not having any extra cash means making do with what you have. Then the power went out. 

Why do I have two, count 'em, two dozen eggs in the fridge? 

Today is hot and humid at 10:30. The air conditioner came on at 9:45 and I knew that, unlike yesterday when a fan kept us cool, the AC is probably going to run the better part of the day even though I keep the house at 80. What a good time to run the oven! 

Actually, I've been thinking about this cake since coming home with my food stored at Pam's. It's just a simple snacking cake and ridiculously easy to make. Since I'm low on cereal, I need to be looking for alternatives for breakfast for when the Grape Nuts are gone. Unfortunately, this cake isn't going to make it that long. 

Lemon Poppy-Seed Snack Cake has all the usual ingredients; flour, sugar, poppy seeds, and baking soda and powder. It's a low-fat cake in that you are to use non-fat milk which I consider milk flavored water so I used my usual 2%. There is also an 8 ounce container of low-fat lemon yogurt. I had purchased yogurt at the beginning of the month and a lemon variety with this cake in mind. I did not, however, look at the container size. It was 6 ounces. So, I added 2 ounces of vanilla yogurt. It also contains a cup of All-Bran and two egg whites, not the yolks. 

It's very good, very moist. The recipe suggests dusting it with powdered sugar but I'm eating it without. I will add another tablespoon of lemon juice to the recipe the next time I make it. It's not lemony enough for me. I think warmed in the morning, this, and a glass of orange juice will make a fine breakfast. If you are interested in the recipe, let me know and I can scan it and send it to you. I found it in one of my Cooking Light magazines. 

Beverage:  Grape Raspberry Juice


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