Sunday, July 17, 2011

This Vexes Me #10 and #11.

This will be a two-fer.

I made that lemon snack cake this morning. It takes lemon juice. I have about an inch left in this big bottle but I also have one of those plastic lemons. You know them. They mass in baskets in the area where the lemon juice is. I read in Cooking Light where they are, typically, less than 50% real lemon juice. The rest being water and dubious lemon flavoring. Well, then, I want to use this up.

First of all, I'm having a problem with my hands. I have to wait until Tuesday to refill the Meloxicam so I've been toughing it out all weekend. What I just don't get about this whole problem is why the middle fingers on both hands hurt. When I hit the ground, my hands were holding onto some paper. I hit the floor on the pinky side of my hands. My wrists have hurt but they are much improved. My middle fingers, not so much and without the joint pill, I can certainly see how far I have to go before considering myself healed.

So, I had problems squeezing the lemon to get the juice out. Then I realized that this probably hadn't ever been opened, at least I couldn't remember when I had opened it. That means there's one of those plastic/paper coverings over the opening. I need to take the top off and remove that. Then I'll get lemon-like juice.

HA! Trying to get the top off of this was an exercise in extreme pain and frustration. I put it back in the fridge and got the bottle of juice. I could take it to the office and have one of the guys take off the top for me. Or, I could just leave it in the fridge until someone with working fingers comes over and ask them to do it. Maybe, by the end of the week, when I'm back on the joint pill, I'll have a better ability to get the top off and make it useable.

The next thing that vexes me is the bottle of conditioner on the right. I really, really don't like that top. It's designed to make sure the conditioner doesn't leak out between uses. I can appreciate that. But today, after washing my hair, I couldn't get any conditioner out of the bottle. Now, I know I'm down to the dregs, but it sure felt like there was still conditioner in the bottle. Again, the pain in my hands prohibited very intense squeezing but there is also no way to pop off the top, add water to the bottle and use up what might still be inside. I had a good deal on this brand of shampoo and conditioner but, given this problem, it's not worth a good deal. I rinsed out what I could and have recycled the bottle. It seems wasteful to me when I can't be certain I've got everything out of the container. 

Oh well, the next bottle of conditioner is a simple pop-up top and I can see how much is in the bottle. 

Beverage:  Grape Raspberry Juice


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