Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Yes, sir. I Do Launder Money.

So, I'm hanging up the load of wash I did before the power went out. It's times like this that I am grateful I don't own a dryer. I don't have to worry about clothes being moldy because they can't get dry. It has taken them longer to dry on these muggy days but they do dry.

I was pulling pants out of the basket and these dollar bills fell onto the floor. So that's where they went! I don't know out of which pair of pants they came. It was either the blue or the black pair.

When we had to do inspections at the University of Chicago at the end of June, I grabbed the $5 I had left, stuffed the bills in a pants pocket, and took them along in the event I wanted a soda or something after we were done with the inspections. I never used them. I tossed the pants, with the money still in the pocket, into the wash.

Flash forward to this week and I need toothpaste before the end of the month. I cannot, for the life of me, find the $5 I swear I had but never spent. I have this terrible feeling that I put my hand in the pocket to pull out my car keys and the money fell out and I didn't notice. I hoped that it fell into the hands of someone who needed it.

Now, because I have no power and have decided to hang up the wash before it gets too dark in the basement to see, I have found my missing $5. When I go to the pharmacy tomorrow, I can buy a small tube of toothpaste and pay cash for it. This is thrilling! The clerk probably won't notice how nice and clean the bills are and they smell lavender fresh.

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