Monday, July 18, 2011

How Long Will It Last

I washed two living room rugs yesterday. Both were quite dirty. It seems like I get the rugs washed and, within a week, someone upchucks on them. I had to leave this rug on the deck railing overnight because it's quite heavy when wet and didn't dry thoroughly on Sunday. It was dry when I came home from work today. That orange spot is rust. I can't get that out.

This is the other rug. It sits in front of the love seat. There had been a spot on it, not to mention all these globs of black fur.

I'm going to see how long it before the hair accumulates to where I should wash or vacuum it. Pilchard attacked the white rug shortly after I put it on the floor. I never did understand what is so appealing about attacking a rug. All my cats have done it at some point.

There are still little blobs of black fur but the rug is completely clean. Let's see how long it looks nice.

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