Friday, July 15, 2011

For Sightseeing?

I had to be in the city yesterday at a job along Michigan Avenue. At one point, I had to wait for a guy so it gave me a chance to people watch. This is prime people watching time in Chicago. Vacations are in full swing and Michigan Avenue is one of the prime vacation spots in the city. Even if you never buy anything other than a Coke and a candy bar, just walking up and down the street is exciting. Of course, walking is a bit painful for me, as is standing for long periods of time, but it was a gorgeous morning, perfect to be in the city. (Now, the smell from Dunkin Donuts on the next block east should be considered cruel and unusual punishment when you don't have extra cash.)

It's clear what people are tourists and what people live in Chicago. These were tourists because they had a map and were standing at the corner with their map, pointing in several directions. What I want to know is why, why on earth you would wear shoes like these when you're going to be walking?

Is there something I'm missing?

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