Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Just Like Last Year

So here it is Tuesday after what should have been a delicious 3-day weekend. It was gorgeous, simply gorgeous outside. The air had been on from Wednesday through Friday but, come Saturday morning, I turned that off, threw open the windows and reveled the the sounds of the out of doors. I did grocery shopping and took the sampler I made for my niece Christina to be framed.

I got back at 1 and then it hit me.


I'm not sure if it was a Peterbuilt or Kenworth or Mack truck but that's what it felt like. My allergies completely overwhelmed my system and I went to bed.

This happened last year, the exact same time.

To say I am frustrated is an understatement. I talked to the pharmacist at Dominicks when I stopped for groceries. (Rather proud of myself there for even in a fog-filled state, I got $150 of groceries for $90. That usually doesn't happen.) I bought the allergy medication she recommeded. I don't think it works. I'm stuffed and there is a river down the back of my throat. My right ear feels "funky", not a good sign.

The thing about this drainage is that is saps me of energy. My body is spending all this time trying to fight off whatever triggered my allergies massively like this so that it has no time to do anything else. I sleep for 2-3 hours, get up, do one thing and am exhausted beyond comprehension. Back to bed. Sunday, I was coughing so hard, I'm sure I've bruised something. That has subsided but Mija won't sleep with me, my coughing and restlessness scare her.

Everything tastes like soggy newspaper, or what I image soggy newspaper probably tastes like. I'm keeping myself hydrated but even tea tastes bland. So this is why, dear readers, you have not seen a post from me. Stringing together sentences has been something of a joke. At least "Hi girls. Momma's sick" seems to be understood.

When I went to Christina's wedding, I noticed a couple of what I assume are planters that my mother had.

These are rather amusing and would hold probably ten gallons each. I was thinking about that this weekend, that 10 gallons of hot liquid might be just enough to unplug the sinuses. One of my guild members said to mix sea salt in water, tip my head over the sink and pour the mixture into the one nostril that is higher than the other. It's supposed to clear the sinuses. I stood in the kitchen looking at the container of sea salt I got when I visited Carole and David back in November. Given how foggy my head is right now, I didn't trust myself not to fall over.

There is a doctor appointment tomorrow. We will go over this and we will discuss the next step with the knees. They weren't too bad this weekend, ironically. They still hurt but moving around the house wasn't an exercise in pain as it has been for the past month. I could go up and down the stairs to do wash easier than any time since early May. And then I got up this morning. (sigh) Two steps forward and one step back.

I need a nap.

Beverage:  English Breakfast tea, at least that's what the box said from which I took the bag. I'd never know by tasting it.


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