Sunday, July 17, 2011

Wedding Trend

Since I had not been to a wedding in years, I was unaware of a trend. Bubbles instead of rice.

When I got married, rice was on its way out. It was messy to clean up, particularly if it rained. It was being replaced with bird seed. This was viewed as much better because birds would clean it up after the wedding. Unfortunately, bird seed is usually comprised of seeds that venues don't want in their carefully manicured lawns. A mixed seed is likely to contain thistle seeds. No one likes those in their lawns although finches love them.

I've heard of people tossing flower petals but I think those also get nasty if it's rainy and would take awhile to decompose.

Both Carole and Christina handed out bubbles at their weddings. In addition to being easier to clean up, if there are a lot of bubbles, you can just hose down the walk, they are much more fun. Here we are at Carole's wedding. You can't really see the bubbles. I think there was just enough of a breeze that they were going toward Phil and Niles on the right.

It's definitely fun.

Now I have 3 containers of bubbles to use up. Wonder if the cats would be curious?

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