Monday, July 18, 2011

Last of the Big Expenditures

Other than car repairs, this is the last of the large expenditures I have for this year, unless, of course, something breaks.

I took the sampler to JoAnn Fabrics and Crafts for framing. They seem to always have some form of a sale going on. I have just not been impressed with Great Frame Up. Oh the things have been beautifully framed, but there has been a problem with each order. The first order, the guy didn't order enough of the framing material. I could not wait  so I had the multiple items framed in different colors of the same kind. He promised a discount when I came in again.

For Carole's sampler, he ordered the wrong color of frame than what I had picked. Fortunately, it was caught by an associate who ordered the right color of frame and no, when I brought up the error and how he was going to give me a discount, he convenient couldn't remember.

JoAnn is twice as far away but I was so pleased with the very personalized service the gal gave me. Plus, they are having another sale on framing. I'd like Carole's wedding invitation framed. This might be the time to do it. When I remarked on needing to see if I could afford it, the gal wrote her name and a number to call on the back of my slip. "I'll work with you. Just come to see me," she said. The thing is, even if I could afford to get the invitation framed, where the heck am I going to put it. If I solve that, then I'll go get it framed.

So, tomorrow, I will box this up and get it shipped off to Christina and Blake. I'm done cross-stitching for awhile. Time to work on my next project.

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