Saturday, July 16, 2011

Boy Toy

I was standing on the corner with a bunch of guys next to Michigan Avenue on Thursday. We were discussing this project and what Doug and I needed to get done. One of the guys said, "Oh man. Take a look at that," and then he rattled off the make, model and year of the above vehicle.

I'm impressed by how good it looks just because the owner obviously gives it a bath more than I wash my Jeep. And I do like the color. I've always been dismayed that car colors aren't "colorful". I remember Henry Ford's comment, "They can have any color so long as it's black." As our cars tend to be extensions of our psyche, the fact that the predominant colors on the road seem to be black, white and silver doesn't, to me, say much about us.

Soooo, okay, it's a red car and it's an older model that's been cared for. To me, it's not drool-worthy, but I present this photo for those for whom it is drool-worthy. I would imagine the owner would want you to drool from the sidewalk and not next to the car.

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