Friday, June 8, 2012

Yet Another Project

I love projects. I can have 5 or 6 of them going at once. Yeeeaaahhhh. You can see where that gets me. My heart is in the right place. It's the follow through that's lacking.

But, undaunted, I'm off on another project. This project utilizes the really nice, stackable, boxes in which we get paper at the office.

Remember when the "paperless" office was going to arrive? Was that in the early 1980's when it seemed everyone jumped on this bandwagon? All records, all reports, anything business related would be done solely via electronics. Paper would be a thing of the past.

Fast forward and while we don't print the amount of material we used to, "paperless" is a fallacy. Certain reports have to have hard copy. Even if we store and send things electronically, clients will still want paper copies of data. At one point, we were going through a box this size every week. That makes for a lot of boxes.

These are, however, wonderful boxes. They are sturdy and of a great size that makes them wonderful for shipping. The lid fits square and, as I mentioned above, they are stackable.

Remember the post about the great way to store fabric, utilizing a filing cabinet? Well, I can't afford a filing cabinet right now. It's just not in the budget. The closet in the office, however, is in great need of reorganization. Plus, I received a box of vintage fabric from mom back in March when I went to visit. I have not moved it from the corner of the kitchen table where I plopped it down when I got home from that trip. I'd like to move it but that means organizing the office closet so I could, perhaps, find things. That bag of stuffing I bought last year to stuff the ornaments I made? I didn't need to buy it. I had a half a bag of stuffing in the back of the office closet. I couldn't find it when I needed it.

So, I've decided to grab these paper boxes as I need them and organize my fabric and other sewing things in the closet. I have a couple boxes in there right now but they are odd sizes. Reorganizing these and adding a label to the front or side of the box listing contents will help me when I get around to actually using some of this material.

Project #1 is to wash the deck chairs and table. Project #2 is to reorganize the material boxes. Come Monday, we'll see which one actually got done. No snickering yet. Save it for Monday.

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