Monday, June 11, 2012

So You Don't Have To

Wendy's sent me an email about a new item added to their menu this month. I don't remember how I got on their email list but it's interesting to see how they put a spin on fast food to make it "healthy". As June is the time strawberries start showing up in abundance, I expect to see more places with strawberry infused items. I decided I'd try it out on the way home from the book fair. I like strawberries. I like ice cream. I like shortcake. I like Wendy's value menu. It seemed like a decent enough marriage of items.

This is what I got. Now, granted the photo is blurry but it's because it was 89 when I went through the drive through on my way home. I knew that blob of whipped cream spilling out of the top of the container was not going to be intact by the time I drove a half mile home. If I wanted a photo of how it looks when you're handed the parfait, I had to stop and take a photo in the parking lot. Once I did that, I ate the whipped cream.

So, how it is? Wellllll....It's $1.69 and that's what you get. It's Wendy's vanilla ice cream and strawberry syrup with a topping of real diced strawberries, shortcake cut into squares like croutons and topped with whipped cream. In order to keep the price low, there are no strawberries in the layers below the top. Nor are there shortcake croutons in the middle. By the time you eat the top and get to the middle, it's mostly vanilla ice cream.

The strawberry syrup seems poured down the side of the cup more than layered like Dairy Queen would do with their strawberry shortcake sundaes. In the drive to make this reasonably priced, it's not much beyond the top. For a quick snack and for under $2.00, it's adequate. Just don't be expecting much after you eat the topping.

So, there you have it. It's not horrible and, if you wanted one, there really isn't anything to compare with it at this price range. I won't be ordering it again. I think I should make real pound cake and cover it with real strawberries dusted with sugar to make real syrup and cover that with real whipped cream. It would probably cost the same and be ever more satisfying.

Beverage:  Huckleberry tea


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