Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I Tried to Save It

I know some of my readers have recoiled at the sight of the moth to the right. I used to be afraid of them myself. I don't know what caused me to not be afraid but now, I like to look at them, when they are outside.

See, when they are inside, as this one was, they become play targets. More than one item in the house has been broken by a cat launching itself after a moth that has somehow gotten inside to circle a light. If that's the hall light, well, the cat will just sit in the hallway and watch it. I won't take the fly swatter and knock it out of the air. I'll wait until it alights somewhere and then perform catch and release. You need to have an open window because you're going to be using both hands so you don't crush the moth. Cup one hand over the moth and scoop the other hand under it. There will be just enough space in your cupped hands for the moth to flutter in an attempt to get away. It feels weird but don't open your hands or it flies away, really fast and you're trying to save its life. Walk over to the window and toss it outside by opening up your hands. Be sure you're in a darkened room or the stupid thing flies back into the house. Actually, the stupid thing will possibly fly back into the house even if you're in a darkened room.

At that point, it can be played with. I don't know where it went. I haven't found the body. They might have killed it and eaten it for all I know. I gave it a chance at freedom and to avoid becoming a cat toy but it chose to stay in the house.

That is a pretty good photo of it.

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