Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A DIY I Could Actually Do

The Craft blog that I read, the link of which is to the right, had this wonderful idea for dealing with excess fabric. If you are a sewer, like me, and have accumulated loads of fabric (3 boxes worth), like me, this could be the answer to that vexing problem of being able to find just what you think you have but which might be down in the bottom of who knows what box.

Here's the link to the original post but I'll give a summary. And, I poked around in the blog from which this came and, well, I've added it to the side bar. Maybe you'll find it as interesting as I did.

Essentially, what the author did was "file" her fabric. She took a filing cabinet and hanging file folders and organized her fabric that way. You cut the hanging folders in half. She mentions which ones are acid-free or suggests wrapping others in tissue paper so acid from the folders doesn't damage the fabric. You simply fold the fabric so it's as wide as the folder and then wrap the folder with the fabric. If the piece is small enough, it can be draped over the folder. Hang the folder in the filing cabinet and, viola, all organized.

This would be awesome for my organization. I could get a two drawer filing cabinet and have the fabric on the top and all the interfacing and fabric pieces on the bottom. This would clear out the boxes in the closet in the office and organize everything so, when I'm sewing, I can actually find things. What a concept!

The first step is to find a reasonably priced filing cabinet I can actually lift into my house.

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