Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A Salute To Val

June is National "Adopt a Cat Month". Following that link will take you to the American Humane Society's page about this program. Essentially, it reminds you that during the spring, a lot of kittens are born. Cats tend to be the #1 animal euthanized by shelters because there are just so many of them. If you are looking for a pet, head over to your local animal shelter and give one of them a forever home. I'm partial to cats, but they have dogs and, sometimes, bunnies.

Several months ago, I asked Val, the gal who thought Mija and Pilchard would be happy living with me, about their stories. How did she come to adopt them? Val is well-known for finding lost and abandoned animals and making sure they have forever homes.


Val found her in the bushes outside her apartment building when she was but a week old. Val bottle fed her.


Miss "I'm in no mood to have my picture taken" was spotted in a pet store. She and a sibling were kept in a rabbit crate, which was really too small for the two of them. The store wanted $30 for each cat. Val stewed about it, but knew she couldn't leave them like that. When she went back, only Pilchard was available.

I try not to think about their siblings. What happened to them? Did they find forever homes? I love my girls and can't imagine my life without them. Val certainly saved both their lives.

So, I'm publicly saluting Val and her love of animals for rescuing these two and thinking they would be happy with me. When I awaken to the sound of Mija's motor or when Pilchard wants my lap in the evening after work, I know we three belong together. Thanks Val.

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