Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Three Years and Finally Done

I know it doesn't look like much, especially something to warrant its own blog post but this is something. Three years ago, my friend Patt sent me a package of stickers. It might actually be longer ago than three years but I'm going with three years because I think that's right. I don't remember where she said she found them, but it was about 15 pages of a variety of stickers. They were, for the most part, the kind teachers would put on grade school homework. I separated them and stuck them in my pile of stickers.

If you know me well enough to be in my address book, you know any correspondence has stickers on the envelope. While I always add my return address, I've been told that's really not necessary. One look at the envelope and the recipient knows exactly who the letter is from.

It started out as a novelty many, many years ago and now, it's part of who I am. I have a rule that I will try not to duplicate stickers on an envelope or box. Because this particular set had several pages of the same stickers, those were separated and the duplicates stuck to the bottom of the sticker pile. They were only added when one of their companion sheets was emptied. I know it seems silly to have a "rule" for stickers on envelopes but I like variety. When I am 95, I'm still going to be gravitating to the sticker display at the store and buying packages to festoon my letters. I am, of course, assuming there will still be a post office when I'm 95, but that's a post for another day.

Work is quite slow, at the moment. These past two weeks have plodded along. We went from manic to navel gazing in the span of a month. Next week, however, has a bunch of days where what has to be done is written sideways on the calendar because there aren't enough lines. Overtime is a probability in order to cover everything.

While I have a morning routine, that takes an hour. After that, there is just nothing to do. I'm as far ahead in work as I can be and web surfing only goes so far. I decided I should bring in my correspondence and work on that. Yesterday, 3 letters went out and, with the last letter, the last sticker on the above sheet was used. I held the sheet in my hand and thought back to all the letters, boxes, flats and packages this particular group of stickers was affixed to. Three years. That is a long time for a bunch of stickers to last. I'm pretty sure the price on the package was something like $2.00. It was an incredible value. It was kind of bittersweet to toss the now empty sheet into the recycling bin.

Lest you worry I am out of stickers, have no fear. I used to order from but they appear to have gone out of business. always seems to have sales on some of their stickers and they are 8 x 10 size sheets which I like for ease of keeping them together. And my friend Meredith sent a grand number in a big box of awesome on Monday. Look at all those! I'm good, for right now, although I will never, ever say "No thanks" to the offering of stickers. What I will be lacking, however, is blank stationary on which to scribble. Let's see what I can find online.

Thanks Patt, for three years of sticker fun.

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