Monday, June 11, 2012

The Bad, the Good and I Took A Nap

This weekend was filled with events. The best way to view this is from the bad point first and work forward.

My camera broke; this one, here, to the right. I was setting up a photo for my blog post on the Printer's Row book fair. I had the camera on the ottoman behind me as I worked to get things arranged on the recliner. The girls were in one of their "chase me-chase you" moods". It's rather funny to watch. There's some hissing and spitting as Pilchard chases Mija into the bedroom. Then, Mija turns around and chases Pilchard back into the living room. They seem to be having fun so I don't break that up.

Saturday, Pilchard was being chased back into the living room and she collided with the ottoman. Now, 13 pounds of cat colliding with 5 pounds of wicker ottoman and, well, you can imagine what happened.

When the thing tipped over, that scared them enough that Mija dashed under the bed and Pilchard ran behind the TV. I can't really get mad at them. They didn't know. But, I am without a camera until the end of the month when I can afford a new one. I really, really liked this one. It was compact, fit in my purse, went everywhere with me and took very adequate photos for what I needed. Since it broke on Saturday, I've had several occasions where, "Oh I need to take a photo of that" come up and I can't. Plus, this is an unplanned expense at a time when I'm trying to save up for a trip west at the end of July.

But, this is minor in life. I took a raft-load of photos at the book fair and I never finished blogging the theme for last month, old photos. I'm sure in the 6600 photos stored in my Mac, I have something I can use to illustrate a blog post. Not having a camera is an inconvenience, but I did very well when I had a camera that shot only film. I wrote long letters that didn't include photos. This is not the end of the world.

The good was a great time at the book fair on Saturday. I'll have a separate post on that. I didn't spend all the money I had budgeted for the event. I didn't find any books that jumped out at me as "Buy Me! Buy Me!" but I had much fun wandering around and poking my head into stalls. I did come home with one treasure and I handled the heat and the amount of walking required fairly well. I prepared and enjoyed the time I spent there. I have always wanted to attend the Gold Coast Art Fair which is at the end of June. I think, based on how well I did with the book fair, this will be the year I go.

I came home and, after the camera fiasco, decided the best course of action was a nap. Naps are wonderful things. I stretched out in the recliner, turned on the AC and fans and the girls and I drifted off into blissful sleep. I didn't sleep very well Saturday night so Sunday late morning saw us stretched out again in the recliner. I didn't get the outdoor furniture scrubbed. I got the closet sort of organized but the box on the kitchen table didn't get unpacked and moved. Instead, I did laundry, did cross-stitching and did a lot of "me" time. I set aside the "shouldda's", set aside the anger at myself for not setting the camera somewhere safer, set aside the slightly fried feeling after being out in 90 degree weather and just spent time sitting without guilt. Life is to be lived and sometimes that simply means just being and a nap in the recliner.

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