Friday, June 15, 2012

I AM Outside

This is about as outside as we get around here.

I was cleaning off the deck on Wednesday after work, clearing away the debris from the raccoon's visit. She came outside and sat on the top deck step. But, the minute I moved or started any sort of sweeping, she ran back in the house. She learned last year that she can get into the house through the window, if it's open.

She jumped up on the deck rail and looked in through the screen so I removed the screen for her. She happily sat in the open window while I repotted plants and swept the deck clear of dirt and peanut shells. I'm sure it makes her feel special and I now right where she is. Mija, on the other hand, isn't remotely interested in this.

Gotta love their very different personalities.

Beverage:  Raspberry Earl tea


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