Monday, June 18, 2012

The Weekend Project

It was time to paint the front steps.

Zeke power washed them at the same time he power washed the deck. I could afford to do only one painting project a month and chose the deck for May. June's project is the front steps.

Yes, this is an unusual step design. When we replaced the front steps, I wanted something different, something unique. The hand rails are useful, particularly in the winter. The mailbox is off to the left, out of the photo. I use the rails more now than I did simply because some days hurt more than others to go up and down the steps.

The steps have been this red color since we had them created. It was time to change the color. I thought about it and decided I wanted a cadet blue, a slate blue or a blue gray, not royal blue or sky blue, but a blue with some gray in it, understated but a change since the steps have always been red.

The top, of course, takes the most beating. I've had Zeke replace a couple of the boards and there are two more that should be replaced in another year, probably. That red square to the right is where the milk box sits. The only times I move it are when I'm sweeping the top, at Halloween and when I have to shovel off the snow.

I went to my friendly neighborhood Ace Hardware. The gal who helped me in May with deck stain was there to help me with porch stain. I have no idea what to buy, really. I got 3 different opinions on what was the "best" for the job. I just knew what color I wanted. I figured color would dictate what kind of paint I'd get. I did not want stain. I wanted paint. After explaining what I wanted, they recommended this, same company that made the deck stain. It comes in about 30 colors, 3 of which were blue. I chose this color.

"Now, it will be darker once it dries," they said. It's called "Foothill", which I guess replicates the color of foothills in the distance. It's blue gray with just a small hint of dark green. With the temperatures slated to be close to 90 degrees and it already at 80 degrees at 9:30, I started painting.

It goes on in one coat and covers the red, really covers the red. I was very impressed with how nicely it spread. The color change is startling at first. WOW, what a difference, but it looks sort of new again.

This is all I was able to finish yesterday.

It just got to be too painful in my right knee and hip. I was achy after painting the deck but not in pain like I was with this. I think the difference is that there was more surface area with the deck. I didn't have to move around as much. Here, I had to move frequently as I worked from back to front. And there were times I couldn't sit and had to stand to apply the paint. As it goes on easily, I can work for an hour after I get home from work and finish this over the rest of the week. Because it's acrylic based, the brush cleans up with soap and water.

I really like this. I'm very, very pleased with the end result. I took to opening the front door and looking out just to admire the new color.

It looks good from that side, too.

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