Monday, June 25, 2012

Using Up the Paint

After finishing the paint job on the front steps, there is still 3/8ths of a can of paint left. I'd really like to use it all up so I don't have yet another partial can of paint in the basement. I took a look at the back door and realized it's been white for decades. You know, a fresh coat of paint would make the door seem new and give the back a splash of color, too. So, I got to work on the door.

Ironically, the blue paint didn't cover the original white in one coat. I was rather surprised by that. It did a phenomenal job covering the steps and the railings, but it wasn't the best at covering the door. I know it doesn't look like it in this photo but this is the first coat and it was uneven. I wasn't going to paint around the windows. I was going to find a small paintbrush and try to not get paint on the window. But really, I might as well just paint and scrape later. Regardless of how good I am with a brush, I'll still get some paint on the windows.

So, I slapped on a first coat and left the door open for it to dry. I was feeling a bit sore from doing the railings and sat down to rest. The paint was drying in about 20 minutes. Mija wanted my lap for a bit so we enjoyed each others company.

Then, I realized the BBC was nowhere to be seen. From outside, there came the chatter of chickadees. I recognized that sound as the one they use when there is something, like, oh, say, a big black cat out of doors. I went to look and there she was, off the deck and in the bushes to the north of the deck. I stomped down the deck stairs. She gave me one look and jumped back up onto the deck and scrambled into the house. She knows she's not allowed off the deck. She hasn't been interested lately but I guess it was too tempting.

I finished the door and left it open to dry. Neither one showed any inclination, after my yelling, "You get back on the deck, young lady!", of going outside. The second coat made the door look marvelous. Now, I have to find my single-edged razor blades and spend an hour every day for the next few days, scraping the paint off the windows.

This really adds to the back of the house and sort of ties the front and the back together. I've received some great suggestions from friends for the color of the windows should I get around to reglazing and repainting them. If I could afford it, I'd have Zeke do the whole thing as climbing a ladder isn't the best thing for me to do, plus, I need to get a new step ladder since mine is pretty much unsafe.

I'm so pleased with the color and how the steps and the door turned out. Somewhere, there is a photo of my door prior to painting but I cannot find it. I'm pleased with myself for getting the deck and the steps painted, long overdue projects. I'm inspired to do something else. We'll see how far the inspiration goes.

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I found this view of the door pre-blue in the side of another photo. I still can't find the one I took of the door specifically to contrast with these. Oh well.

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