Wednesday, June 13, 2012


This morning, I walked out of the house to this.

I had tossed a few peanuts onto the deck when I got home last night. The squirrels didn't come get them, a raccoon did. The one pot holding asters is a mess. He or she stepped on the the other two pots containing flowers and smashed some of the plants. I couldn't take time on my way to work, to water them. I am going to have to repot the two knocked over and I think I'll try some different flowers in those. It's quite late to be starting seeds but I'll give it a go. The two big leaf plants are milkweed. They really aren't in a good spot as they are right as you walk out the door but they attract monarch butterflies so I'm kind of loathe to snip them off.

The rest of the deck looked like this.

I guess the moral of this is that the squirrels aren't that interested right now so I should save my peanuts for another time. I'm rather thankful I stained the deck. I can wash it off fairly easily when I get home.

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