Thursday, June 14, 2012

More Than Just Books

The beauty of this particular event is that more than just books are sold at the Printer's Row Book Fair.

There are reproductions of posters. I have purchased posters from this vendor in years past.

There are people selling ads culled from old magazines, the old magazines themselves, old coins, old postcards and maps. I have, waiting for wall space, a reproduction of a Guiness ad, a page from an old magazine showing a section of the World Columbia Exposition which was in Chicago at the end of the 19th Century, and a couple postcards of Iowa locations.I looked but I really need to get what I have up on the walls first and then fill in. That means painting the walls which means fixing the cracks, which means moving things out of the room where I'd like these to go. Nope, it's never a simple process.

There was a guy from Gino's East, one of Chicago's premier pizza restaurants, wandering around handing out fans.

There were a couple of street musicians but they were asked to move along as they were interfering with the organized entertainment being provided in separate tents and on a large stage set up in the middle of the fair.

In years passed, there were street preachers on the ends, a couple of ice cream trucks and Ghirardelli handing out chocolates. The CSPan Bookmobile was in attendance, shunted off to a side. Although they were promoting their weekly half-hour book show, it was overshadowed by all the literature they had out about their coverage of the presidential race. With the Muslim publisher sitting right next to the Jewish publisher, this was not a place for politics. I heard some people grumbling about how political CSpan was this year. "It's about books, folks, not politics." I didn't even wander down to the bus to see what they were giving out. It wasn't what I was interested in.

Something like this really does become a fair. The smells of the restaurants nearby gearing up for a captive crowd mingles with the smell of the city. Although I came away with only one item, it was time well spent.

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