Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Chateau de Mom

Going to Iowa on business gives me the chance to be with family. My niece and her family came to mom's Sunday evening so we could see each other and share a meal. What a meal it was.

Pork burgers, cole slaw, homemade applesauce, pasta salad, corn, garden raised strawberries and soup. Milk, water, tea or soda to go along and leftover birthday cake for dessert.

Families can drive you nuts. Because you grow up with them, you know just how to get under each other's skin. We've got another generation now around the table. They are being raised very well and I was impressed that the kids will eat just about anything. I won't touch some foods that they find very palatable.

Food brings us together. We're all so scattered with the potential to be scattered farther still. It was wonderful to sit around the table and share at a time when it wasn't a holiday.

Beverage:  Earl Gray tea


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