Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Time to Paint

Doesn't look like much, just a bunch of boards. My neighbor, Zeke, who mows my lawn, came over and power washed my deck. It's pretty much down to the bare wood on the deck floor and the top of the rails. I had forgotten how nice it looks as I have it covered with a reddish brown stain.

The next step is to get it sealed again. I need to figure out this checkbook imbalance, an imbalance in my favor, ironically, so I can get a can of something and get this painted. I love to paint so doing this myself is not going to be a hardship. Finding the time to get it done is the key and then, do I get a "clear" stain because I like the look of the bare wood or do I get something that's close to the color of the slats on the deck sides? They are still that dark reddish brown. I guess I have to go to the hardware store and just see what they have. Maybe I'll find a different color I like.

In the interim, I need to put the birdbath back. I had a very confused robin hopping on the railing of the deck last night looking for the bird bath. Can't inconvenience my feathered friends.

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