Monday, May 28, 2012


There was a lot of down time this weekend. That's a good thing if you're looking to complete something which requires a block of time. On Saturday afternoon, I finished the outlining.

Sunday, before dressing for the wedding, I moved the hoop and worked on the bushes.

In the process, with the light in the living room, I discovered about 6 half-finished cross-stitches in the clouds. They might never have gone noticed, but I noticed them so those were finished. They were all in the light blue and light yellow which is understandable. Those colors were close enough to the fabric that I would miss seeing they were unfinished.

This morning, while waiting for the kids to get here from the hotel, I finished the bushes.

Now, I need to wash and iron it and, this coming weekend, I can take it to be framed while there is a large sale at JoAnn Fabrics. I'm going to leave about a half inch of the fabric around the design for the finished piece. I thought I knew what I wanted in the frame and mat when I started this. Seeing the finished design, I'm not sure now. I will have to study the options.

This has been a very fun piece to do. It took a total of 30 days to complete, if I had worked on it every day. The next project is to finish the Christmas banner and then my next project is lined up after that. That one takes a bit of research before I can start it.

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