Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sometimes the Hardest Part

I love the dress I got for Niles and Jenn's wedding. It's going to be a "go-to" item if I need to dress up a bit. For fancy, I can wear what I made for Carole's wedding, but for better than pants, it's going to be the item I pull out of my closet the most.

Now, I don't dress up. I just have no reason to anymore. I don't need to wear dressy clothes to the office and many times a nice tee shirt and jeans is good enough. The dressiest I've been is wearing cologne in my year-long drive to use up these bottles and vials of stuff I've had for years. For the record, I am on my last vial of uncarded cologne, meaning the small vials which were not attached to a card. It's Ralph Lauren's Blue. It's interesting but not something I need a whole bottle of.

It doesn't take me long to get dressed, even when that involves more than pants and a shirt. I just don't believe, anymore, in spending precious time painting my face. I wear make up, sometimes the full gamut, but it still doesn't take me the time I hear that it takes other women. Maybe I've just gotten good at fast application, I'm not sure.

There does come a part in the getting ready where I have to take time. That's the part where the color of lipstick is chosen. Now, for the few guys who read my little corner of the Internet, those are NOT all the same color. Those are 5 different colors and each one has merit. You're a very special guy if you can understand why it is important to a woman to have 5 different shades of what is, essentially the same color. It matters. It really does. You want just the right color and that sometimes means buying several shades around that color. It took me as long to pick out the lipstick shade as it did to get dressed and apply my make up. But, it's that important.

For the record, I went with the second from the left. I don't remember the color but it had "pink" in the name and it was the perfect shade.

Beverage: Huckleberry tea


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