Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Dress Procured

Niles and Jenn get married at the end of this month. I looked through the closet and decided I did not want to wear the dress I made for Carole's wedding. It's lovely and I'll wear it again; I wanted something else. Carole and David are coming to do the photography for the wedding and I figure I'll be asked to help tote things around and act as stage mom to get the right people into the right shots. I needed something a bit more casual, but which looked good for a Sunday afternoon wedding followed by a reception and dance.

I searched all my options. I didn't want to have to go to the store. The days have long passed since I would jump at a chance to shop. I think it goes with the whole "not having a lot of money" mindset. I spent a lot of time online and had sort of decided I was going to have to go to the store because online was either expensive or dowdy and, in some cases, both.

But then, while cleaning out my email, I opened a special sale email from Catalog Favorites. I have ordered from these people in the past, but it's been a good 2-3 years. They still send me paper catalogs and emails of sales. In flipping through the online catalog, I found the dress to the right. It was on sale for a very reasonable price, in stock and looked like it would be exactly what I wanted. It came yesterday and it's perfect.

The garden around the bottom is printed into the fabric. I thought it looked embroidered on. It fits perfectly. It's lightweight. If the weather isn't the warmest and we're wondering if May is ever going to have sunny, dry days above 65, I can toss on a sweater or a jacket. I even have dressy shoes to wear as well as dressy sandals if it gets warm. It's machine washable. The blue is my favorite color. I'm really happy with it.

Best of all, it's got pockets! I love pockets. I think everything should come with pockets. I can see wearing this dress for a long time. I don't think it needs a necklace, although a couple of bracelets will be nice. I think I even have the right kind of earrings to wear.

Now that the dress is purchased, I need to do something with the hair. This is what I call the "sheep dog phase". My bangs are hanging down in my eyes. I am thinking of lopping 2 inches off the length. When I come home, I generally pull the mass back into a pony tail because it's long enough to get in the way when I lean over to do something. Sometimes I think of cutting it off short, maybe right under my ears, but that seems quite drastic. Just a couple inches will be enough, right now. I don't do anything with it during the week, other than wash it and, if I have time, dry it. I don't want to have to spend 30 minutes with my hair to be presentable. That's a waste of time, to me.

So, I am ready for the wedding. Now to get the house ready for company.

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