Monday, May 21, 2012


After Saturday's deck staining, Sunday morning was devoted, primarily, to adding flower pots to the newly stained deck. Back in February, my friend, Patt, sent me 4 packages of flower seeds. In my head, I was going to start them indoors, along with a few other seeds. That didn't happen. So, I pulled pots out of the storage shed and added seeds to fresh potting soil.

This first pot is just a random mix. I also planted Asters, Shasta Daisies, sunflowers and white Nicotania. I have a package of poppies to plant but the pot I wanted to use was ant infested. I shook them around and now they will leave so that pot will be available later this week for the poppies. The nicotania are seeds Carole and I got from Monticello when we visited several years ago. I hope they will sprout. We'll see. I keep my seeds in the basement, in dark and cool conditions which shouldn't cause them to deteriorate that much.

It will be interesting to see if anything really does sprout and grow in this grouping.

As I was filling containers with fresh potting soil, I was kind of kicking myself for not starting this sooner. But, in talking with friends who have gardens, plant growth has been retarded due to the unseasonably chilly late spring weather. It was 87 yesterday. Today's high is only supposed to be 65, a full 22 degrees cooler. For plants that like the warmer temperatures, this isn't helpful. We did get rain so that was a plus.

I also brought the geraniums back outside. They will be out for the year now. I had to cut back the big pink one. It had grown in the two months it was back inside and was quite leggy. I cut it back by half and added fresh soil to all the geranium pots. They look so nice.

I really want a bright red geranium. With the deck stained, next month's project is to paint the front steps. I'll bet Ace will have geraniums. I didn't look at their plant selection on Saturday because that wasn't what I was there for. Eyes on the object and don't get distracted by other shiny things.

Now the waiting game begins. Will or won't these seeds sprout. I won't have flowers until mid-to-late summer but just doing this is great for me. Expanding my space is a huge plus.

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